Cheese and Bacon Sourdough Rolls – EASY PEASY

My lovely friend Kim at Allconsuming inspired me to do this, click on her link to do her version which frankly looks exactly like the bakery stuff, and makes me come over all Garth and Wayne in the not worthiness. Vanessa has shown some sort of vague interest in making the cheese and bacon rolls, so if she doesn’t try this I won’t be her friend any more, because I am doing this mainly for her.

I have done a variation which may be one of biggest surprise success stories in my whole entire life.

I took the New York Times No Knead Bread recipe from eleventy billion years ago (but I only found out about it this month).

The recipe is for 3 cups of plain flour, 1/4 teaspoon of yeast and 1 1/4 teaspoons of salt plus a cup and a half and a tiny extra bit of warm water. Mix it together, with a knife because it feels cool. A katana if a knife is not available. I let it prove for a really long time, 18 – 20 hours. Also I put it in a plastic lidded container, I am really not so great with the cling wrap.

Then I sort of gloop it on to a floured surface and sprinkle shredded or cubed ham from the deli section and a giant cup of grated cheddar and fold it in on itself maybe half a dozen times and gloop it back into the plasso container. It will be very messy with bits of bacon and cheese poking out and looking a bit like vomit. And then put it back in a warm place for a couple of hours. Don’t worry about wrapping it in an organic macrame’d tea towel. That’s fine for the big loaf, but too much of a hassle for the dozen little vomit loaves.

The resultant mix, when glooped back out of the plastic container is sort of like alien guts. You will know what I mean when you see it, stretchy and stringy and sort of gross. Photos to follow.

Now for the baking, I would not recommend using the hands to separate it into 12 bits simply because its like a tar baby. My friend Kristina said she chops it with a knife so I have found that to be much easier. But slightly less fun.

Then the 12 bits go into large muffin tins, either floured or sprayed with oil and then another big chunk of grated cheese goes on top. 20 minutes in a 200 or so degree oven with foil on and then foil off for maybe 15 minutes until its golden and looks like a muffin.

Divine. Bogan proof. Satisfying like a little meal. And unfortunately for us that really shouldn’t be eating carbs, quite more-ish.