Post Election Blues

Holy fuck you cretinous morons.


I should calm down and remember that I feast upon not only mainstream media but also alternative media sources (people that care, that don’t get paid for opinion pieces) so maybe I have seen more people pointing out the bad than your average bogan.

But this page was made for swinging voters, or people wanting to vote for LNP for reasons that they cannot articulate but just because the media tells them to, to explain the crap that wasn’t filtering through in a very basic way. It also may or may not have amused the crap out of the converted. Click on the pic below for the link to the full post. You will laugh unless you hate the word fuck.

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 8.37.00 AM

It has been pointed out but a couple of people (point taken guys) that I don’t know ALL of the facts, which is true. I absolutely don’t know all of the facts. But neither do ANY of you, it is too big to swallow. I will also admit I get outraged early and easily. All of this is true.

But the fact is, folks, that I have an IQ that I am not ashamed of, I have read watched and swallowed mainstream media, ABC coverage, angry political bloggers, and yes, I do enjoy a meme, mostly because they mock fuckwittery. I live in an incredibly politically aware seat – Grayndler, and my best friends are so politically astute it actually hurts my head, so I am not as thick as one could imagine.

I initially resisted voting Labor, but after actually thinking about it, and despite the fucking mean spiritedness of Labor regarding asylum seekers, and despite the adherence to marriage inequality until the smooth snake himself regained da house, they have achieved a lot of great things. They have achieved these things despite the infighting and backstabbing. Liberal didn’t a) have to govern b) have any of that public infighting but c) produced the most awful policy and costings you would hope for.

Frankly, the budget is very low down on my list of priorities when it comes to good policy, and in the eyes of some this makes me an idiot.  This is me on a personal and national level. Money is here, dear friends, to contribute to our wellbeing, and if enhancing our wellbeing means spending money on things that make us more comfortable or making our life easier or less of a pain in the arse such as the NDIS and the NBN, foreign aid, tackling climate change and I could go on and on, then so be it.

Getup produced a scorecard here. It leaned heavily towards the Greens.


I did the ABC Political Compass here, and it told me to vote Green. You know what? I get in a plane and I know it should work but my hippocampus flips out despite all the reasoning I do with myself. I *should* vote Green but somehow I feel, even though I know its not right, that not voting for Labor means I am voting for Tony Abbott. Despite this comic that I read AND understood (well dumbed down!)


All of the whinging about the debt, while I understand debt does suck, we are in much better economic shape than Rupert Murdoch and the coalition would have us believe, their horrendous and embarrassing “savings” come at great cost but only make a $6bn dent in a $400bn debt. GET REAL!

There is an excellent website that you plug your postcode into and it tells you how Abbott will sodomise your suburb. Awesome. Its called ifabbottwinsyoulose and click on the blue to get the link. Try it! I think that its a Labor initiative, but you know, who cares.

Luke Ryan produced this piece that demonstrates this far better than I. I might admit to now being a bit fangirl. I might not. Hard to say! Second favourite bit of wordery after the sweary website.

Well I feel loads better. Not really. But this is some of the information informing my decision on how to vote. Its a shame that the majority of Australians rely on A Current Affair and the Telegraph and shock jocks such as that poisonous fucking joker Alan Jones for their news and opinion pieces.

I was given the courage to publish this (because I know there may be a point or two I am not 100% correct on, lets discuss) by the letter below from the sweary guy


And if I wasn’t certain that the nation was a bunch of muppets and not voting consciously, I certainly am now after my dear husband pointed out that the Liberal Democratic party (not Liberal National Party, that now holds power) gained seats that they would never have done if the public were not so ignorant, as well as the Motoring Party and the Australian Sports Party.  (Not double checked, but I am an blogger, not a journalist). This is because Australia did not read the ballot paper properly and did not know what they were doing. This is also the result of donkey voting.  You idiots. You complete tools. You were set to do one job, and that was vote in LNP, and you couldn’t even do that properly by putting a 1 in the right box.

Did you think about the future guys or did you only think that politics is “a national disgrace”?

You voted in a man that believes in God, an entity in my strong opinion does not exist and DOES NOT BELIEVE IN CLIMATE CHANGE.  Which does exist, has been proven over and over and over and over and over again.

Well let them take away your toys and fuck up your sandpit for the next 3 years, then lets vote Labor back in to clean up the mess and start doing what is good and right.

2 thoughts on “Post Election Blues

  1. Your reluctance to vote Greens is disappointing, Bec. How can your voice be heard on asylum seekers, climate change, equality, fairer taxation, etc if not through the ballot box? Especially when you can still preference Labor ahead of the LNP in both houses, quite simply?

    Perhaps we should all move to Melbourne (the seat, not simply the city). They seem to get it down there.

    • It is what it is Luke, an irrational fear. I think I have learned from this election that I need to trust the process will get my vote to where it needs to go next election. For 15 minutes yesterday Auckland was seriously on the cards. Until we realised that we needed a parent to live in Sydney for the big boy…..

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