I took over 1700 photos while I was there. Seventeen hundred and something. This is not a typo.

I honestly don’t know where to begin, there was such a lot of good (and some bad) that we experienced that just sorting photos alone, let alone cropping, editing and deciding which ones to include is going to take months.

I have discovered that I like road signs and topiary.

I have discovered that I like space and solitude.

I have discovered that although long haul flights truly suck, long haul flights with children suck harder.

I also discovered that Disneyland is truly the happiest place on earth, I have never had so much fun ever. We crammed 35 hours of hard-core Disney action into 3 days. That’s 35 hours out of a possible 72 hours. With 11 people including 4 kids under 10. Not only did we have the most fun any family has EVER had but we are also the most hardcore with the best stamina and more-fun-per-molecule.

So be patient, this is more for me than for anyone else, and maybe the kids, a lot of people might find my happy snaps boring, and that’s OK. I am good with being boring.

love youse


Twice in one year? No WAY!

After 10 long years of not really travelling (NZ doesn’t count because we have both lived there) we are setting out AGAIN less than 3 months after getting home from WORLD OF COOL : Japan.

My inlaws are taking us (11 of us in total) to Disneyland to make good on a promise made to my husband and his sister roughly 32 years ago.

To say this made for a hysterical and shrieky Christmas morning is an understatement. WOW huh?

Tomorrow we fly to San Fran. We spend 4 nights in Haight Ashbury before driving down the coast to LA.

Unbeknownst to us when booking dates the gay pride march is on Saturday. It starts at 10am! Ermagherd! The kids will enjoy it too but sadly no bands playing that weekend. Because the bars are all booked out for after parties.

I am going to endeavour to take photos of all the weird, disturbing and freaky stuff yet again because you can see all the touristy photos on the Internet and they are executed way better than I am capable of.

I fear embarrassing my family but I can feel in my waters that big B is into it too, and we have vowed to go to Walmart together.

I want to thank everyone for their suggestions on less painful travel with kids and great places to go, and particularly our buddy who currently lives in New York for lots of cool info (also about Japan).

I think I might blog as I go while I am there, lets see how that pans out.

Watch this space